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Why we should give him what he wants

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After Arsenal’s non-flying Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp retired, it was not surprising for Arsene Wenger to seek a suitable replacement for the shadow striker. Funnily enough it was a Dutch wonderkid who was deemed suitable to be the Iceman’s successor.

Born in Feyenoord Rotterdam on the 6th of August 1983, it seemed like the world was going to have another artist on the cards, as both his parents were artists. But rather than the world having another artist with the paint brush, Robin van Persie has proven to be exactly that on the football field.

Scorer of 30 Premier League goals, bagging the golden boot award and the winner of the PFA and FWA awards this season, Cobra, as he is nicknamed by team-mates, is currently one of the hottest properties in world football.

Van Persie started off his career in SBV Excelsior’s youth squad before joining his hometown club Feyenoord in 1999 where he subsequently won the UEFA cup in 2002. He was undoubtedly a rising star as he won the Dutch football talent in the same year.

On the 17th of May 2004, the Flying Dutchman was valued at around £5 million, but shrewd businessman Arsene Wenger did enough to land his man for £2.75 million on a four-year deal after disagreements with then Feyenoord boss Bert van Marwijk deteriorated beyond repairs and suitors were warded off with his disciplinary record.

Playing as a winger back then, Van Persie was bought with the hope of turning him into a striker like it was done to Thierry Henry, a role and move which has benefited him and the club as he returned as the league’s highest goal scorer in the 2011/12 season.

Though Robin can play on the wings, in the attacking midfield role, as a second striker or as the main front-man, the 28-year-old is currently revelling in his role as the top striker at Arsenal and the Dutch national team. Having been capped 62 times and scoring 25 goals for his country so far, Robin is presently away with the Oranje boys in preparation for the Euro Championships in Poland and Ukraine which starts in two weeks time.

His fine form at the start of 2005/06 season, netting eight times in as many games earned him an extension to his contract which runs until next summer. Van Persie has endured an injury blighted career and the just concluded season is his first one without a single injury and, incidentally, his most successful so far. The Dutchman was named vice-captain in the 2009/10 season behind then club captain Cesc Fabregas, but when the Spaniard departed last season, the Dutch strikers was handed the armband.

With one year left on his contract, Robin has been the cynosure of all eyes in Europe this season as his goals helped a faltering Gunners side clinch third and finish above the Spuds.


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  • nwite c. says:

    while i suport AFC 2 give rvp what he want,it is also imperitive 2 remaind rvp dat he shuld consider his past wit d club,especially those days of injury,when he cannot play a full whole season without injury.he shuld also remember dat his current contract was signed during his injury days,d injury he got playing 4 his national side.during those days some other clubs termed him injury prone player.i tink it’s time 2 reward arsenal.

  • Tom says:

    I have no problem with RVP looking for better deal than what Arsenal can offer, after all , players have only a limited time in which to make their mark, win trophies and earn as much as possible. Having said that , Arsenal mustn’t sell RVP to Man City, not for any fee, for if they do, there can be no doubt Arsenal have no title aspiration . They can’t continue selling their best assets to a rival club without becoming a feeder club. If Arsenal sell RVP to Man City , they should change their name to Man City Youth Academy and replace the cannon in their logo with a slingshot.

  • mendel says:

    yeah. I think we have a problem here, robin should consider his days as an injury prone player, after spending 8years with this club, he has jst finished a full season once, 275000 a week is a rdiculous amount which i knw the board will never give him. Anyway we all wait and see what hppens. Im still here with ma links, join me and make money online at and

  • kc says:

    Does anybody knows what Robin wants???
    If that was the case,he shuld had signed at the first meeting. Not signing is a bad sign. Hopefully he loks back at his contribution,morelike the club’s contribution and make up his mind. Sign a contract with an escape clause. Go if he is not happy after next season,like Henri.

  • T-phranck says:

    After the exit of TH14 how many stikers has scored over 35 goals for arsenal per season?I wonder why some gooners are saying he should be sold earlier so that we can replace him before the start of next season but my question is would his successor bring the same class efficency and consistency to arsenal?I’m not saying that arsenal can’t replace him.we can but it will take a season or more than that.also if we loose him we should not even dream of contending for titles not to make mention winning them.In conclusion i’m saying that his departure will be difficult and more painful to the fans and teammates than the exit of NASRI and FAB combined and squared.the so called ARSENAL ENTERPRISE must no that you dont always make profit in a business but rather “YOU WIN SOME AND LOOSE SOME”.ARSENAL must keep him and send message to their rival clubs that we are not a feeder club but rather we have ambitions which we are on course to fulfilling them.

  • MartyP says:

    For a club that considers itself a “Big” club. For a club like Arsenal which has revenue flowing interantionally and aspires to become a brand, 130,000 is a travesty,borering on insulting.. I am not saying 275, but you would think it would be an offer in the 150-170 range. I do not think this baord is serious about winning trophies and I think RVP will be sold. I hope not becuase if that happnes then all those youonger nuggetts in the jewelry box will be gone too. Wilshire, Theo , Ox, Song you are telling them that this is a development club, albeit a high level one, but a selling/developemnt club. The board and Wenger need to make a serious evaluation of what heir future goals are and how they plan to implement them. They need to get serious and sign this guy, Y’Villa and whoever else they can beef up the midfield with.

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