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Why this out-of-form Gunner WILL remain at Arsenal

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I have come to the realisation and conclusion that Marouane Chamakh will almost certainly be an Arsenal player next season.

Not because we necessarily need him. Not because he can rediscover the form he was in when he first arrived at the club and possibly challenge Robin van Persie for that central striking role. But purely because there is no club out there interested in the Moroccan forward that will be willing to pay his wages (reportedly £60k-a-week).

Last week, Bordeaux president Jean-Louis Triaud confirmed that he has spoken to the out-of-form striker over a possible return to his former club in the summer. However, Triaud also mentioned that the financial aspect of the move would prove difficult:

‘I have spoken with Marouane and told him that he is welcome at Bordeaux and that we still have room for him.

‘The main problem will be financial because he has tasted the salaries in England and Arsenal will ask for a fee.’

He finished off by saying:

‘Chamakh has told me that if he was to return to France, it would be to Bordeaux.’

Now it’s pretty clear that the only way the 28-year-old will be heading out of The Emirates doors this summer is if: A] a mega-rich club like PSG, who were supposedly interested in him in January, are prepared to offer Chamakh the same, or increase his wages, or B] the Moroccan decided to take a pay cut.

But can you see the two abovementioned options ensuing? Well the first one is likely, but not a certainty depending on if they are still interested in him, while option B is rarely seen unless the player is nearing the end of his career, which Chamakh is not.

The Moroccan international has contemplated his future in the past, and the imminent arrival of Lukas Podolski will only make him think even harder about his current situation at Arsenal.

The problem isn’t finding a club for Chamakh, as Bordeaux, PSG, Lille, Fiorentina and Roma have all previously been linked to the striker. The problem is finding a club willing to pay his high wages, and it is for this reason and this reason alone, that I see Chamakh remaining at Arsenal…at least until January.

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  • JOEL says:

    Chamakh,Denilson,Fabianski,Bentner,Diaby,Squilacci are all paid similarly ridiculous salaries.Not one of them deserving of such amounts of money; and in each case they are stuck within the Arsenal squad because no other team deems their talent to merit their wage.Almunia would also fall within this list but has now managed to see out his contract and can thankfully be released.Djourou should also be part of this rabble but for reasons best known to Monsieur Wenger-has somehow managed to negotiate a contract extension despite the fact that no other Premier League Manager would in all certainty find a place for his inept defending within their first team squad!!Add Gervinho to this list within the next 12 months (a “headless chicken” without any ability to think during the course of a game) and you can see why the Manager has no “Plan B”!This Arsenal squad is full of players who’s limited ability is rewarded by undeserving wages and an attitudes which give the imprssion that they don’t care enough!

    • chris from Cambridge says:

      With most of your comments I could not agree more. It will take more time for the ludicrous wage structure to disappear.
      The only thing I would add is that I am sure they do care. One must remember they are sent out there with only ever one unchanging game plan. All other teams know exactly how to plan for us. We have no way of countering superior tactics because Wenger does not do tactics.
      The Wigan manager and coaching staff out thought Wenger … and hence the players … who had no answer. (Similarly on that very slow pitch at Milan. And Sunderland in the Cup.) Wenger’s coaching staff are simply YES MEN.

  • Philbet says:

    What do the authers of these replys know about contracts and wages, I am always astounded and sceptcal when so called fans mention ‘overpaid’ Have they any idea of the going rate for a premiership footballer? where are these ‘star player’ available who will sign for The Arsenal for less than any other club is offering? the answer is nowhere, Arsenal just pay the going rate Chamakh is on a high salery because he came on a free, if another club offeed him £10K a week more believe me he would be playing for them,Fans of Man City do not worry about high wages because they have been used to slumming it around mid to lower table, QPR pay 176% of gross income on wages and are odds on to be relagated ,do you think they would have paid less for there players if they could?? Too right they would but they cant and niether can Arsenal, the going rates the going rate no more no less.

  • Aussie Jack says:

    No sane person would accept the ridiculously high wages paid to footballers these days but we live in an `insane world`.

  • MistaKen says:

    I’d sell him cheap to get him off the wage bill because we paid nothing anyway.

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