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Why participating in next season’s ‘NextGen Series’ can only be beneficial

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The ‘NextGen Series.’ Many of you may have heard of it, while some of you perhaps haven’t

Well for those who have no idea what it is or all about, it’s sort of a mini version of Europe’s elite club cup competition – the UEFA Champions league – and its rules and regulations are similar. There is an age limit for players participating in the tournament (19), but there is a rule that allows involving clubs to select three Under-20 youngsters from their squad.

The NextGen Series is played over a course of six months and has so far proved to be a huge success in its first season. It helps in preparing the youth teams of Europe’s biggest clubs for the main competition its self, which is of course the Champions League.

Arsenal have signed up to be a part of the NextGen Series next season, alongside Olympiacos, PSG and Chelsea to mention but a few.

I for one am happy with the club’s decision to participate in this unique competition next season. It may not be the first-team football our youth players crave, but it will be a stage where they can show off their talent.

From what I know there are already cup competitions in which our youth team partakes in. But including a European experience to the mix would surely add a little more excitement. They get more playing time, get to travel to different European team grounds and feel what it’s like to play on foreign soil with a different atmosphere. This competition is also a chance for the youth players to show the coaches that they have what it takes to make that walk from the youth team dressing room to the senior squads’.

I’ve seen a few NextGen Series matches, and I have to admit, I was highly impressed.

Our youth squad is full of talented and determined youngsters, which can shine at the tournament next season. Call me optimistic or crazy even, but I think our lads could win next season’s competition and take the trophy away from current holders Inter Milan.

Do you think it’s a good move taken by the club to partake in the NextGen Series next season?

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