Date: 26th April 2012 at 6:00pm
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is ready to ‘fight’ Arsene to allow him to leave Arsenal in the summer.

Spanish newspaper Marca claims the Mexican does not want to return to the club when his spell with expires.

As we all know, Vela has struggled to establish himself at Arsenal for the past three seasons or so, prompting the 23-year-old to seal several deals away from the club, the latest being with Sociedad.

But having enjoyed his time with the outfit, scoring 11 goals in 31 appearances so far this season, it appears Vela is ready to quit the altogether this summer, but not necessarily for Sociedad.

He told Marca:

‘If you ask me if I’m right here, I reply that ‘I am very well and very happy’ but if you ask me if I’m staying, I will say ‘that may or may not be the case.’

has the final decision. If you say that I will be sold, we will look for options. If you say that I will stay, I will fight with him to let me go, because my intention is not to return.’

He added:

‘What I want is the team to be safe from relegation as soon as possible and we can finish as high as possible in qualifying.

‘But on a personal level, the truth is I’m having a very good time. In this season I have scored the most goals and I’m getting it for the work I’m putting in, from the help of my peers and from being happy in my day to day life. There are some very good factors here and that makes you think about wanting to stay.’

As much as I like Vela and rate him as a player, it’s evidently clear that he doesn’t see a future for himself at Arsenal.

Some fans may read his latest statement and think ‘you ungrateful little…..’, but do you really blame him for wanting to leave?

He has been with Arsenal for the past seven year and has only managed to make 62 appearances for the club. Granted, there were some work permit issues at the start and he has suffered a few injuries in his time, but a player of his calibre should have racked up more than 62 appearances for our club.

Prior to his recent to Sociedad, Vela was loaned out to Salamanca, Osasuna and West Brom. No wonder he is vying for a move away from the club.

I’m not saying he deserves to play week in and week out for Arsenal, but he is certainly better than some of our current crop, yet they get a chance in the line-up.

The fact remains that he has never been given a real chance by Wenger and this is a shame, especially considering the Mexican is a very talented player who can only get better with time.

Wenger could try and persuade him to stay for another season, hopefully he does. However, I don’t think Vela will have none of it and I for one would not be bitter towards Vela if he was to leave this summer due to the reasons mentioned above.

Should Wenger ‘fight’ to keep Vela at Arsenal, or should he allow the Mexican forward to leave with his blessing?

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