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What FIVE things did we learn from Stoke v Arsenal?

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Arsenal only managed to bag a point against Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium earlier this afternoon.

Fair to say the game started off in a frantic pace, with both sets of players getting stuck in and playing at a high tempo.

A goal almost seemed certain within the first 10-15 minutes of play and, unsurprisingly in my view anyway, the deadly was broke within the mentioned time span.

From a wide position, deep inside Arsenal’s half, Matthew Etherington picked up the ball and swung in a delightful cross into the Gunners penalty area where the lanky Peter Crouch rose above both Kieran Gibbs and Laurent Koscielny to guide the ball home into the back of the net in the 9th minute.

Despite going a goal behind, Arsene Wenger’s men kept probing away and were working hard to find the equalizer, and found it through Robin van Persie just six minutes after Crouchy put the home side in front.

Yossi Benayoun did brilliantly to hassle the ball off Ryan Shotton. The Israeli then found Tomas Rosicky on the overlap who then delivered an exquisite and deadly cross into the box which Van Persie converted from about five-yards.

The second 45 was lively which saw both teams produce some pretty decent chances overall. But despite the end to end action, the game ended 1-1, a result many Arsenal fans may perhaps be content with, especially after hearing Wigan thrashed fourth placed Newcastle 4-0!

The Gunners now sit four points in front of Newcastle, who have a game in hand, seven in front of Tottenham and eight ahead of Chelsea, who have two games on Arsene Wenger’s side.

So, what FIVE things did we learn from today’s game?

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  • Sebastian says:

    We’ve learnt that Ramsy will always be crap no matter how many years we wait !
    Some things can never change !!
    Nauseating and painful to watch.

    Ramsy is just useless.

    Weekly we learn that Ramsy gets worst by the minute !!

    • Lewis says:

      Well this is plain ridiculous to say he will never get good because o one game, the lad has played 40 odd games this season (which is his first full season) and te first half of the season nobody was comparing. Is easy to see he is burnt out. As for what we learnt, the stoke fans booing him are the lowist form of scum

      • WC says:

        Opposition fans booing your players is a part of the game. Do we want to give them milk and cookies and tell them to put their fingers on their lips and their heads down on the desk? This is why we haven’t won anything in 7 years – we have alot of boys and not enough men.

  • Zac says:

    Ramsey is clearly not an arsenal caliber player.He cannot pass, dribble, shoot let alone defend. His pace is pathetic. I do have a lot of sympathy for him following his tibial fracture but let us be honest he is not the midfield player that will propel this team forward.

  • WC says:

    1) Aaron Ramsey can’t even put a shot on target, much less score.

    2) Van Van he’s our man, if he stops scoring, we have no reliable back up.

    3) We still cannot defend against teams who play long ball against us and that’s pretty much 75% of the other teams. We still have one of the worst defenses away from home

    4) If we lose 3rd place it’s our own fault for not winning any of the last 4 games

    5) Every game we fail to win gives RVP more perspective that his future might not lie in London anymore.

  • Neil says:

    Well what what I’ve learned that when you have a manager in Arsene Wenger keeps starting Ramsey or other crap players instead of the Ox , you’re not going to see any positive results . Wenger needs to buck his ideas up if we are going to finish strongly this season or the next . Is it any clear why we despite finishing in the Champions League haven’t won any trophies , is due to Arsene’s stubborn approach to the transfer market by insisting on untried talent in favor of experience and also he makes those unpopular tactical decisions , and looking back this season and the last six … well the evidence is clear , enough said.

  • Wolfgang says:

    I believe RVP will leave if the gunners cannot secure third place.Getting new players is one thing. Wenger wants Arsenal to be the Barcelona of the epl.Chelsea have shown how to sto Messi and company.
    The problem is the gunners take a long time to get out from defence to attack when the opposition attack breaks down.Overpassing and a reluctance to shoot or count to ten before unleashing a shot.
    That is why SAF has the measure of Wenger the last five years .The next time Wenger meets SAF,I am not sure whether he can win.

    • Dominic says:

      Sorry Chelsea did not show how to stop Barcelona
      They rode their luck. Barca hit the woodwork 3 times and missed a couple of absolute sitters.
      Please don’t try and tell me that this was all part of Chelsea’s master plan.

  • Rufus says:

    That Ramsey played well, in fact better than Diaby especially defensive-wise. That Gervinho is still far from becoming clinical in front of goal. That Arsenal’s defence is a rock when TV5 and KOSC play and Arteta has been pedalling the recent resurgency.

  • lewis says:

    people clearly havent got much of a clue berating ramsey like crazy, he played well today if you actually take a step back and look objectively

  • Dai says:

    Aarom Ramsey had his best game for a good while today. More direct and keeping the all moving. Those above who criticise him incessantly will eat their words next season. He has huge potential and arsene Wenger can see that. Shame that you can’t. Good thing that you don’t manage the Arsenal. Was there today and agree that booing Ramsey and abusing Wenger is shameful. Their fans are a disgrace. Rosicky was brilliant. MOTM by a mile.

    • Gaggy says:

      I agree he had around 85% pass completion rate and came close twice. He is a MIDFIELDER not a striker ,you expect some misses from them.

  • The BearMan says:

    What we learn is that divers, bullies and poor decisions by Refs decided the 2011-12 season in the English Premier League. But take note – the FA added to the woes.

  • mc gooner says:

    we got a point which is more than i expected at the start and wigan helped us out against newcastle

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