Date: 10th April 2012 at 4:10pm
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he will lift a title with Manchester City before acquire silverware:

‘I’m aware what I said about titles. I’m sure I will lift a trophy with Man City before Arsenal FC.’

So it seems that he has thrown down a challenge to us to win a trophy before he does with City, a challenge I believe we can win if we carry our passion into next season and add a few players to our squad.

Nasri has lost the respect of every single Arsenal fan, and I am so glad that we went out and beat them on Sunday because I fully believe it shows just how far we have come this season from our opening 10 games.

At the beginning of the season we were wounded having lost Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, and we were feeling sorry for ourselves. The team now are not the team that lost 8-2 to Manchester United on the 28th of August.

Have we resolved all the issues? No, certainly not. We still have to fix and tweak things, but as a team we have the belief that we can go on and win games.

The turning point for Arsenal came on 22nd of January in the FA Cup against Aston Villa. 2-0 down at half-time and we were seen as dead and buried, written off by pundits as ‘same old Arsenal’. The second half started and whatever Arsene Wenger said at half time was to have a huge impact on the club. Arsenal went on to score three goals in just seven minutes, which included two penalties and this kicked Arsenal into a belief that they could win.

Arsenal then decided to lay the ghost of Nasri and Fabregas to rest on the 4th of February. I was witness to a huge game for Arsenal against Blackburn at the Emirates where leading up to the game the fans were talking about lack of people attending and talk of ‘Black Sacks’ over the empty seats. Arsenal played magnificently that day and thrashed Blackburn 7-1 – it was the largest scoring Arsenal game I had the privilege of being at and the stadium, despite the risk of snow and underground delays, was packed. The Arsenal fans were on song and I will admit to singing my bloody heart out to get behind the squad, so I apologise for those who sat near me or next to me.

At this time Arsenal were struggling behind Tottenham, who were selling ‘Mind the Gap’ t-shirts, in an attempt to antagonise Arsenal fans. However, there was a new sense of belief in the club and the supporters, and despite a heavy loss in Milan, Arsenal went on to spank the Spuds 5-2 at the Emirates.

The Arsenal of old was officially back on the back of what turned into a seven match unbeaten run in the league, which saw us score 22 goals and concede just six.

We had put the loss of Nasri and Fabregas firmly behind us. Arsenal had announced to the world that despite being written off in September – where we were told that there was no chance of the club getting into the Champions League – we are now two points clear of Tottenham, with Wolves to play on Wednesday. A win will put us five points clear of our rivals and Newcastle, and seven clear of Chelsea who now lie in 6th position.

Nasri went on to address the Arsenal fans in his argument with Piers Morgan, and he came out with this gem:

‘And to all the Arsenal fans, move on. City are 10 points ahead of you. Just support your team and forget about me.’

Really Samir? you want to throw down a 10 point gap in the faces of Arsenal fans? I seem to recall a team did that recently and it didn’t turn out to well for them either so on behalf of the Arsenal fans we have totally forgotten about you.

However, you’ve thrown down a challenge and it’s our job to ensure that we rise to that and put you back in your place.

Consider this your early warning! Arsenal are out to prove yet another team wrong.

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