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‘My idol has always been Thierry Henry’

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When I was about 14-years-old, I used to call Thierry Henry the ‘football dog’.

Now I know most of you are probably sitting their thinking that this is an insult towards the great man, but a saying is always derived from somewhere.

If you throw a bone full of meat towards a dog, rest assured it won’t touch the ground.

Well, I used to say pick out Henry whenever he was near the net and 9 times out of 10 you were guaranteed to be celebrating with family and friends.

Now it seems I am not the only one who thinks this. Arsenal’s newest signing Gervinho recently revealed that TH14 has been his idol ever since he glanced eyes on the Frenchman.

The Ivory Coast international said that his decision to sign for The Gunners was partly influenced by his admiration for the Arsenal legend, claiming he wants to emulate the Frenchman.

Gervinho stated:

‘My idol has always been Thierry Henry.’

Gervinho also highlighted The Gunners lack of silverware as something that could happen to any big club. Although, he pointed out that Arsenal need to win something soon:

‘I understand Arsenal’s struggles in recent seasons, it can happen to any big club but if we are to win, we must win now. I understand the English league is much harder and I must adapt, hopeful with the other players assistance I will do that quickly before the start of the season. I am ready to play anywhere upfront provided I help the team I play for. Hopefully the fans will love to watch me play and we will celebrate something together at the end of season.’

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Let’s just hope that Gervinho turns out to be a success at Arsenal and maybe, just maybe, he could become the heir to Thierry Henry’s throne.

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  • kevmac says:

    im excited by his attitude towards the club. he didnt come here for money. he wants to succeed here, he wanted arsenal.He seems like a player who will work hard and when the chips are down will work even harder and that is what we need most. when we are one nil down he could be the player to grab the game by the balls and pull us back into it. …lets hope he is that man : )

  • OlamiNaija says:

    Till this moment here in Naija (Nigeria)TH14’s still reffered to as Igwe which he knows about. Igwe means king. Wish Gervinho luck all d way. From his statements alone since joining Arsenal,he knows very much what it means to be an Arsenal striker.

  • MalawiArsenalFire says:

    haha…you know here in Malawi we call him Atcheya…meaning pretty much the same…cool ey 😀

  • Chukwuma Echezona says:

    Am begining to like this guy and i believe he’ll do well, as par replacing TH14, am not sure. No1 has replaced Alan shearer in Newcastle, Maradona in Arg. Igwe as we call him in Nigeria. His an icon.

  • Ogbor Victor says:

    Gervinho’s intrerest in arsenal is not in doubt,if Igwe is his idol and want be heir apparent to him,he has a load of work to do this is not discourageing him,advice is not a cause

  • dahiru says:

    good luck gervinho idolizing Henry by working as hard as he did can make u even greater.guy u got my support.

  • Gunzblazzin says:

    Gervinho has a winning attitude so theres no reason why he cant become a winner, i really like this guy and his abillities, hes a brilliant player with a brilliant attitude, i hope he can win many things with us. GO GUNNERS

  • seun says:

    Lovely! Henry (igwe) 2 me is the greatest player and I hope u succeed in arsenal, just as your dream come true I pray 1day I wil join u in arsenal too. up Gunner

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