First we had Patrice Evra with his (slightly worrying) ‘ Prince’ quote:

‘Really? I didn’t know (about the Nasri rumours). Anyway, if Samir comes (to United), he has to know there is no room for mistakes. Each year you are playing to win. That is Manchester’s culture. Each year it is a guarantee of a title. I have been at Manchester for five years now and I can’t remember how many trophies I have won. 13? 15? So, ‘ Prince’, if you want to become King you know where you have to go.’

Then Rio comes out of the woodwork with his ‘Looking for Eric’ diatribe:

‘Samir Nasri is an excellent player who has a good technique and a huge amount of talent and he scores goals. For me, he is one of the best right now. I think he even won the title of best French football player at international level. The French have a history of good players here. has been fantastic. Just like Cantona.’

And from all this Barca-esque tapping up, Samir’s head is being turned to the Dark Side.

Now we all know that footballers aren’t the sharpest tools in the box, but they must realise the deep rooting hatred that is stirred in loins when even moot moving to their most despised rivals.

Samir should take a look at the who have ignored the feelings of their once weekend worshippers and moved to ‘The Dark Side!!’

– The effigies, the gay slurs and the downright barbaric treatment that still receives from the Spuds, is verging on a life sentence. Sol still can’t travel to the far north of London in genuine fear for his life.

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