According to sources, Arsene Wenger has joined the race to sign Aston Villa winger Stewart Downing.

Wenger had scouts at the Villa game against Liverpool last Sunday, and received an excellent report back about the international.

Downing has indicated though that he would like to stay in the Midlands, but the 26-year-old could possibly be tempted with a move to or this summer, with Liverpool also expressing their interest in the winger.

His goal-scoring record speaks volumes to me. As an attacking winger, Downing should contribute a lot more goals to his game. The fact is most decent wingers, for any team score more than the odd goal here and there. It’s just not good enough.

If he were to join Arsenal, who would he replace? Theo Walcott? Samir Nasri? It just wouldn’t happen. He’d simply become a bench warmer, and then begin to moan about not playing enough, demand to play more, then probably threaten to leave the club. Arsenal certainly don’t need another episode where throw their toys out of the pram, when really they are just inadequate, useless and a waste of time and money ( springs to mind).

Downing’s work-rate isn’t good enough either. He doesn’t seem to track back like a good wing man should do, and to be honest, he can’t tackle very well either. He isn’t even the best winger at Aston Villa; takes that accolade in my opinion.

Why should Arsenal have to settle for second best, or even third best, if you count Marc Albrighton. We’re supposed to be signing world class players, not who barely register on anyone’s radar at any point of the season.

Downing can barely get a game for these days. I could probably get into the England side, because lets face it, they aren’t very good. He’s not scored for England at all, and he’s been in the Three Lions squad since 2005, what a joke.

People reading this might argue and say ‘well, he sets up more than he scores’ yes he does, but so does Adam Johnson, and he has scored for already and many for City in the last 2 seasons. Johnson is a player who catches the eye and has quickly become a household name; I don’t believe is even that yet.

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