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Should Fabregas’ future exit really worry Arsenal fans?


Recently, Barcelona centre-back Gerard Pique stirred the pot even further after stating that Fabregas still dreams of a move to the Catalan club, and will eventually fabricate in the future. Cesc Fabergas has made no secrets that he would like to one day return to his roots and play for the Spanish Giants, although he never said when this will happen.

No one is in doubt of Fabergas’ abilities, but if he goes to Spain will he be as loved as he is in North London? The Spaniard will most certainly excel at Barcelona, but he would be a mere player, not a talisman as he is for Arsenal.

When Fabregas does leave for Barcelona (as he intends to), which players place would be under threat? Xavi and Inestia’s? I very much doubt it as they are one of the best partnerships in the Primera Division. Pedro is showing signs of quality, Lionel Messi is irreplaceable, and Sergio Busquets is the holding midfielder in the team. Fabregas would probably spend more of his time sitting on the bench and fighting for a place within the line-up, whilst at Arsenal he has no chance of this occurring.

The recent purchase of 24 year old Dutch midfielder Ibrahim Afellay (who will arrive in Spain in January on a free) has certainly hindered and damaged Fabregas’ hope of a move in the near future. Xavi (30) could go on for a further 2-3 years at the club, whilst Andres Iniesta (26) has another 6 years at least left in the tank.

For Fabregas to swap the Emirates for the Nou Camp now would be foolish, the 23-year-old would become a wasted talent. However, if he makes the switch in 3 years time (providing Barca are still interested in him of course) then he will most certainly replace the aging stars.

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  • Bert says:

    I think if Fabregas does decide to leave, then good luck to him because he is a quality player who deserves to be winning trophies.

    I think it will be a bit concerning because although Nasri can play there, if he get injured I don’t feel there are any other players who can play there as well as Fabregas and Nasri. If he does leave then Arsenal should use the money to buy a quality player to replace him. We could use some of the money to strengthen other areas on the field.

    I personally don’t want him to leave but I do agree with the writers comments about him leaving now, I think if he were to leave now then he would be on the bench because he will not be put infront of Xavi or Iniesta. I think once Xavi is older and retires which could be in 3 yeras time, then that would be the right time for Fabregas to go to Barca.

  • Saskiey says:

    Fabregas still have so much to offer in Arsenal. He’s obssessed with his boyhood club forgetting the fact that he’ll be down in the pecking order and it takes time to be in the starting XI. If we lose him, it’ll be a great loss but he won’t be irreplaceable. If the club should decide to sell him, make sure Wenger buy quality player

  • chukwuma echezona says:

    I am never a member of the school of thought that begs a player not to leave when he wants or expresses the desire to. If he thinks that his prospect lies somewhere else, let him go. I dont see a player as indispensable.
    But it will be sad to see him go!

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