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Is Chamakh’s ‘battered and bruised’ claim a justified one?


Arsenal’s Marouane Chamakh has revealed today that he is struggling to cope with the rough and tumble style of the Premier League. However, is this a justified statement? Or is the Moroccan running himself short too quickly?

The Moroccan international arrived at the Emirates this summer from French outfit Bordeaux on a free, and has since impressed Wenger and fans alike. Though, the striker believes that playing in France is nothing compared to the English game. He was quoted in the Daily Mail as saying:

‘I was never been in such a state at Bordeaux. Things take on a new dimension here. Against West Ham I was in incredible pain with my neck. It was impossible to turn my head. Every ball that’s contested here I get ploughed into – and the referee doesn’t blow for it.”

He goes on to say:

‘When people pushed me in France, I fell down and got a free kick. When there’s a hard tackle here, I have to get up and play. After a Premier League match, I walk off with my body aching, with scratch marks, stiff muscles. Three days later, we go again.’

Marouane Chamakh has been somewhat of a revelation for the Gunners since his arrival in July. The Moroccan has been Arsenal’s main striker this season, after both Nicklas Bendtner and Robin Van Persie picked up injuries early on in the season, and is doing well to keep hold of his place in the side. The 26-year-old has appeared in all 15 Premier League matches so far for Arsenal, and has netted 7 goals to date…a sign of a man struggling to adapt? It’s debatable.

Nonetheless, many Arsenal fans will agree that the striker needs to work on his strength in order to withstand the hardships of the Premier League. He has fallen over on several occasions and will need to prevent this from happening in the future; otherwise he could be branded as a diver and a cheat.

Listen, It’s still early days, and like every foreign player, he needs time to adapt to the pace and strength of the English game. Chamakh’s statement maybe a correct, and viable one in some fans eyes, however, many (like me) believe he has not done himself justice with his words.

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  • weedonald says:

    Everyone who follows European football knows that when EPL teams meet European teams and have non-UK officials handling the game, it will be a dive-fest, usually started by the European team, especially if the game is at their home ground.
    We also know that the EPL is the toughest, most demanding and paciest of any European game with the Germans being a distant second in these areas.

    French football is a fairly tame version of La Liga, which is far pacier and technical than most European leagues BUT is also full of primadonna actors who love to dive, roll around and moan for an easily won referee to award a foul=free kick = cheap goal scoring opportunity = gamesmanship.
    Chamakh learnt his football in this ambiance so don’t be surprised when he laments the hard tackling, shin banging, murderball experience in the EPL…it is true that UK refs tolerate hard but fair tackles more than European refs do and it also a fact that many mid and lower table EPL teams really enjoy the brutal side of the game.
    He’ll adjust or get injured or both since he’s a Gunner and that is our inevitable fate!

  • Woody says:

    I think Chamakh has stated what pretty much all foreign players say when they come to England. Although I think he has handled the pace and strength well so far. Weedonald is right, he’ll probs get injured as all Gunners do these days.

  • Bob says:

    I think Chamakh is selling himself short. He has coped well with the english game and his scoring record proves it (7 goals in 15 games, not a bad retuen). I think he is a good player and can only get better. It’s his first season and he is doing well, if he feels he struggling then I can’t wait until he he begins to cope with the league.

  • Keith Soley says:

    Chamakh can be a really good player in our league if he is willing to pay the physical price in the box area. He does have one issue at the moment and it is a lack of self confidence. He does not like to attack a defender one on one driving to the goal. He will invariably turn and look to pass or allow himeself to lose the ball. During the first few months of the season he would attack the defender. Now he is shying away.

    Hope he can recover his confidence as he could be a super squad player for Arsenal behind Van Pursie.

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