The top TEN celebrity Arsenal fans

8. Dara O’ Briain

The 38-year-old award winning Irish comedian, and television presenter is a very keen and avid Gooner to say the very least. The ‘Mock the Week’ and ‘Have I Got News for you’ presenter is a season ticket holder at the Emirates and in his spare time does stand up comedy gigs around the nation. O’ Briain is also a columnist for the Guardian where, like Piers Morgan expresses his views on his team in the Daily Mail. He surely deserves to be in this list right?

7. Colin Firth

Reports in the past suggested that the British film and TV actor, who starred in the most famous football film ever, ‘Fever Pitch’, was either a Southampton of Arsenal fan. His first and only match before making the hit movie was in fact Hull City against Southampton in 1976 which proposed he may have supported either one of the teams. However, since taking the role as crazed Gooner Paul Ainsworth in Fever Pitch, the 49-year-old hardly ever misses an Arsenal home game when he is in residence in his Hackney flat. Nick Hornby (director of Fever Pitch) is worth a mention for Firth being converted into ‘Goonerdom’ as it seems as if his film turned the actor into a loyal Arsenal supporter since 1997.

6. Frankie Dettori

Dettori is known to be a big follower of the North London club. The 5’ 4’’ Italian jockey who has won every British classic as well as countless amounts of races around the world is as much into Arsenal football club as he is in his own profession. In 1996 Dettori spoke to the Telegraph about his love for Arsenal:

“I’ve been an Arsenal fan since I came to England. I was interviewed by Julian Wilson for the BBC just after I had my seventh win in one afternoon at Ascot, and I asked how Arsenal had done. When I heard that they’d won, it made the day all the more special.”

Dettori arrived in England in 1985, which would make him a fan of the Gunners for 25 years now…a loyal fan indeed.

5. Piers Morgan

Mr. Morgan has not kept it a secret that he is in fact an Arsenal fan. The Daily Mail columnist loves to express his views on what Wenger must do in order to get Arsenal going into the right direction. Funnily enough, at times reading his work, you do get the feeling that Morgan actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to the club. The former Daily Mirror and News of the World editor also enjoys great TV success with ‘Pier’s Morgan’s Life Stories’ and acts as a judge for the popular talent show ‘Britain’s got talent’.

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