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FOUR players Wenger should cash in on this summer


Following my recent article which focused on five-players Wenger should consider bringing in over the summer, this article will be the total opposite and focus on the four possible departures from the Emirates before the season begins.

So, the question is, which four-players should Wenger look to banish from Arsenal in the next transfer window?

Arsenal fans will be divided over the names that will appear in this article. There were many debates and discussions on who should make the list, but many will validate that these players have to leave in order for the club to move forward:

Manuel Almunia

Arsenal’s first choice goalkeeper? Are you having a laugh? This dopey 32-year-old couldn’t catch a cold let alone a ball. The Spaniard has been criticised by both the media and fans this season for a series of horrendous mistakes, which has cost Arsenal dearly towards the end of the season. However, he can’t take all the blame for Arsenal’s misfortunes; he did have his protégé Lukasz Fabianski assist him as well. He is not what you would call a reliable set of hands between the posts. Almunia is definitely one of the players (if not the first) that should pack his bags and be shown the closet exit.


The 22-year-old Brazilian midfielder, who has played in the big games, has shown that he is not capable of performing at the highest level. When in possession of the ball he seems to have a liking of looking back instead of forward. His passing is exceptional and has been known to belt in a few goals for the Gunners this season. However, he is a very inconsistent performer, and has a very poor reading of the game in general. His defensive attributes are abysmal and has shown he is unable to keep up with the pace of the game at times. Many believe that he is capable of cementing a future at Arsenal, but after witnessing recent events, it’s about time the player looked for another club.

Theo Walcott

Since arriving from lower-league side Southampton in 2006 for £12 million, he has not been able to live up to the price tag. Walcott is a very frustrating player to watch. He can at times produce magical moments, but has shown in his performances this and last season that he has no confidence in his own ability. He possesses pace in abundance, which is great, but doesn’t know how to employ it at crucial stages of the match. When Walcott makes his way into the final third of the oppositions half, he seems confused as to what to do with the ball (this is not good enough). He has been with Arsenal for 4 years now, and still a majority of fans haven’t seen anything to excite them. Walcott expressed his wanting for the number ‘14’ shirt (which was made famous by the legendary Thierry Henry) and now wears it. Walcott should change his number because he is making a mockery of the number 14 (many fans will agree with this assumption). Granted he has suffered a few injuries during the season, but a player of his supposed ‘calibre’ should be scoring more goals. At 21 years of age, a footballer should know how to read and utilize their skills. Unfortunately, it looks as if the England international hasn’t got it yet, and it’s about time Wenger ended his journey with Arsenal.

Abou Diaby

Abou Diaby reminds me of a camel strolling through the desert, who is completely oblivious as to what is going on around him. The lanky midfielder has a bag of skills under his belt, but is totally brainless when making crucial decisions. He had an average season to say the very least. However, Diaby is not a consistent performer for the Gunners…period. Many have dubbed him the new ‘Vieira’, but personally he couldn’t lace the man’s boots if he tried (he hasn’t got the physique or the mental attributes as Patrick Vieira). Wenger will no doubt want to keep the Frenchman at the Emirates for the forthcoming season, but a number of fans will wonder why.

There were other candidates that could have made the list, but many fans will believe that these four chosen players can recoup cash, and as a result, could inject new blood into the club next season.

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