The Gunnersphere Squad

Tony Merakli (Editor) – I have been an Arsenal fan since the age of around four-five years old. I love everything about the club, its colours, its stadium, its fans, and even though I have witnessed some dark days over the past 5-6 years (particularly the sale of Thierry Henry to Barcelona, which had had me in tears) I will always remain a true Gooner. My favourite Arsenal player ever is the legendary Thierry Henry, simply loved this guy and what he did for the club, the greatest ever in my opinion. I achieved a BA Honours degree in New Media Journalism and Radio Broadcasting whilst at Thames Valley University, and was also a previous intern of Footballfancast. I am now the editor of Gunnersphere.com, and a long with the growing squad, hope to bring our readers the latest news and transfer rumours on the North London club. Please feel free to contact me on Gunnersphere@snack-media.com if you have any queries or would like to submit an article for publication.

Iain Culverhouse (Writer) – I have been an Arsenal fan since the day I was born. My grandad supported Arsenal, and so naturally, so did the family. I was simply born an Arsenal supporter. Almost 31 years later, I still am an Arsenal fan, and just last year, I had my first trip to The Emirates to see the Gunners win the Emirates Cup. Sadly, being a full-time dad, I don’t get to see them nearly as much as I would like, but family has to come first. My grandad’s ashes were scattered under the pitch of Highbury at the clock when he died, which is special. My Nan has the photo, and the official letter from Arsenal FC with the memorial information on when we moved to the Emirates. In 31 years I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs at Arsenal, and my favourite player of all time was Thierry Henry (although Dennis Bergkamp comes a very close second). I enjoy writing for Gunnersphere.com and am very grateful for being given the opportunity to do what I love.

Chris Eller (Writer) – I have been an Arsenal fan since I was about three, which is rather odd seeing as my whole family are rugby fans. I try to watch Arsenal as much as possible, but because I have a weekend job, I struggle to watch the games. I am hoping to get my season ticket though, so I can go all the time like I did when I was a junior Gunner. I used to work at the Emirates in the Armoury, which was the proudest moment of my life. I have a plaque put down at the stadium which has been put outside the Armoury too! I would love to do football journalism in the future, and being part of the Gunnersphere squad has given a great opportunity to write about the team I love. I feel very honoured that this Arsenal blog has welcomed me with open arms.

Adam Curtis (Writer) – I’ve been an Arsenal fan since birth, with my Dad giving me very little choice in the matter. But it’s something I’ve never regretted!  There’s been up’s and down’s along the way, but nothing will ever change my opinion of the football club I love, The Arsenal. Worst moment? May 10th 1995, just 9 days before my 8th birthday.  I had my favourite cushion placed in front of my face ready for the anguish of a penalty shootout and then bang, Nayim! Best moment? Having the privilege of watching the ‘Invincibles’ remain unbeaten all season, something I believe will not happen again for a very, very long time. My favourite player ao all time has got to be King Thierry Henry, he has provided so many brilliant moments that I will never forget.

David Seager (Writer) – I’ve been an Arsenal fan since the early 70’s and went to my first game in 1976 when I was 10. The team I initially fell in love with had the remains of the great double winning side, Rice, Simpson, Nelson and Armstrong blended with the hugely blessed Irish trio of Brady, Stapleton and O’Leary. It was Brady who made me love football the way I do, and the love for all things Arsenal never waivers, although only a handful of players since have compared to Chippy. My first son was named after the great man himself, and I for one would love to see Brady groomed to take over from Wenger in a few years. It is well over 20 years since I graduated with an Arts degree, so I hope my writing is able to communicate effectively, passionately and perhaps bring readers some insight.