Who’s to say we’d want him in the summer!!!

Date: 4th February 2013 at 3:20 pm
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David VillaI don’t know about you guys but this to Arsenal saga is doing my box in.

First we hear Barcelona are willing to sell the Spaniard, the next they’re not. The 31-year-old wants to stay at the , then the next thing we hear he’s going to hand in a transfer request in the summer in order to push through a move to Arsenal – Make up your damn mind will you!

We were reportedly in for the forward in January, but was unwilling to meet Barca’s asking price for Villa. So nothing happened.

Now, according to The Sun, Villa is desperate to leave Barcelona and join The Gunners in the summer.

But what makes him think we will want or even need him when the window re-opens?

To be honest, I don’t know why we were ‘in for him’ last month to begin with. Yes he has the technical ability and would suit our style of play perfectly, but I believe we have enough firepower in our side at present, and if he were to come in who would have been sacrificed?

If Wenger really wanted Villa he would have brought him in, simple as. Deep down I think the Frenchman didn’t want him and has a lot of faith in our current front-line, and rightly so.

If Villa does indeed hand in a transfer request, who’s to say we’d want the Spain international in four-five months time anyway?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this saga will be disappearing anytime soon.

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7 thoughts on “Who’s to say we’d want him in the summer!!!

  • Roughchops
    3 years ago

    I agree. In August 2013 David Villa can be best described as being an excellent forward who is 33 next birthday! That doesn’t sit anywhere near the philosophy of Le Professor.

  • PaulB
    3 years ago

    Unproven in the PL and too old to adapt and just back from a leg break and will he want to play against teams like Stoke, don’t think so, he isn’t worth the gamble, he would be another deadwood signing which means Wenger will buy him

  • Lobster
    3 years ago

    I’d take him, for maybe 3mill, maybe and a contract less than Wallcott and Podolski

  • goonerownyou
    3 years ago

    Even for 3mil he is probably still after a 2-3 year contract on 100+k/week and Barca probably want around 10m for him because that is genuinely what he is worth to them, just not to us. Unproven in the prem, probably wont have the stamina for the prem and will create confusion amongst Arsenal fans as to why we have got rid of so many quality 29-30 year olds in the past to then sign him.
    Most crucially of all this summer we will have already won or lost our champions league place so signing him wont be a gamble that could easily pay for itself. The money would defiantly be better sent getting a younger player then.

  • MG
    3 years ago

    Well I dont know about everyone else but if we’re going to challenge on all fronts again we need quality in depth in our squad.

    A couple of injuries and you have David Villa stepping up front or Gervinho?

    (BTW Gervinho may well turn out to be absolute quality, and in the mean time having quality like David Villa in the squad will help us push for the title again.)

    Come On You Rip Roaring GUNNNEEERRRSSS

  • shedu abiodun
    3 years ago

    i think wil need someone like villa in our squrd to boast the young ones

  • ivorstephens
    3 years ago

    Villa would probably score a hatful of goals for us but him moving to arsenal has to be a good deal for us also. Already our attack is proving useful but we might need someone to get us a gosl in a tight match up north next year but until we sort out our defensive players and system there wont be any tight away games.The need is to keep our rivals attackers at bay and then We’ll hsve half a chance


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