Like it or lump it, he’s Gunner stay

Date: 26th January 2013 at 4:50 pm
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Arsene WengerRegardless of this season’s outcome, whether manage to finish in the top four or not, or even lift any form of silverware, WILL be in charge of our club for another 18 months.

The Frenchman faces possibly his toughest challenge as Arsenal boss as looks to claim yet another top four spot, something he has managed to do, consecutively, in the past 15 years and end the club’s daunting seven year trophy drought.

His current contract is set to expire next summer and has yet to be offered the chance to extend his stay, leaving many to believe that he could well be on his way out after the conclusion of next season’s campaign.

PSG, Real Madrid and newly have all reportedly been monitoring Wenger’s situation. However, the 63-year-old insists he will not swap Arsenal for or any other team for that matter, claiming he will honour his contract.

Quoted in the Daily Mirror today, Wenger said:

‘I have a contract here and I will respect my commitment to this club, always.

‘The Bundesliga is a very interesting championship, but I think the Premier League is a better one.’

So whether we like it or lump it, don’t agree or agree with how the team are moving forward, Wenger will be at the helm until at least 2014.

Hopefully, within this time, he manages to achieves what we all want.

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7 thoughts on “Like it or lump it, he’s Gunner stay

  • Roughchops
    3 years ago

    Arsene Wenger to stay for a further 18 months (at least) is great news for all true Arsenal fans. Look around the other teams there are some real donkeys posing as managers…

  • jombi
    3 years ago

    Who knows?

  • gooner-girl
    3 years ago

    As long as he’s got the dressing room we need the guy!

    Great win at Brighton. Even ramsey has found a position he can do well in; arguably santos shdnt have played but the bench had th right players on when called for. All in all excellent job by players and manager.

    This team is coming good at last. Shore up th defence with a timely buy and we’re sorted.

  • Lobster
    3 years ago

    Good performance by Arsenal, an even better one from Gervinho. Now let’s go get smashed!

  • Adekunle
    3 years ago

    If realy he can turn things arround, while not he should be offer more than that .

  • Gunner
    3 years ago

    Considering the resources we’ve had the last 8 years Wenger has done an incredible job. There’s a reason no other big team builds a stadium even though they need one, while we’ve managed to build and almost pay off one in 8 years and still qualify for the CL in the time of sugar daddies giving clubs 1 billion pound that they didnt earn, which is an incredible acheivement. During this time Wenger has had a smaller transfer budget than the likes of Sunderland or West Ham!

    In the next few years we will really see the fruits of our labour with the commercial contracts that were tied to the new stadium ending and being replaced by good ones.

    I really hope Wenger gets the respect he deserves by winning something in the next 2 years.

  • bob
    3 years ago


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