Would this be an ideal route for Wenger and co. to take?

Date: 10th December 2012 at 4:00 pm
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Former Gunners boss believes should only sign a one-year deal and then prove to everyone at the club that he deserves the reported £100,000-a-week wages he craves.

The England international’s contract is set to expire at the end of the season and appears unwilling to put his John Hancock on a £75,000-a-week deal which Arsenal have offered him.

But Graham reckons the club should try a new approach by offering the 23-year-old a short-term deal and prove to Wenger and the board why they should give him what he wants.

He recently told talkSPORT:

‘I think [Arsenal] have made a stance on [the contract dispute]. I think probably he’s a squad player. He’s not really a regular, for me, in the Arsenal team and I think that [£75,000] is a very good offer.’

He added:

‘If I was Theo I would say, ‘I will sign that on a one-year contract’, and if he’s got enough confidence in his own ability and signs the one year deal and does the business on the pitch then he can go in there and say, ‘now I want this [amount of money].’’

I think this is a great route for the club to explore. Why should they grant, in my opinion, an inconsistent performer what he wants? Does he really deserve the wages he is demanding? Not in my eyes.

If indeed Arsenal want to keep him then they should offer him a one-year contract worth £75,000-a-week, with the incentive of granting the winger what he wants, but only if he produces on the pitch during that period.

I don’t think Theo would be too keen on the idea and if that proves to be the case then has a tough decision to make in January.

Would this be a good route to take?

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9 thoughts on “Would this be an ideal route for Wenger and co. to take?

  • ivor Stephens
    3 years ago

    Like the banner used to say “George Knows” Theo Walcott has been with us now for nearly seven seasons and he should be one of the first names on the teamsheet by now.The fact that he isnt says more about him than it does about the club.The boy from Bargeddie is right,take the 75 for another year and play his way up to 85 or 90

  • Biodun olaitan
    3 years ago

    Theo has not been a consistent player in the squad. A one year contract extension for a 75,000 pounds per week with a definite clause to increase weekly wage to a minimum of 100,000 pounds a week tied to performance should suffice. Theo must not be allowed to leave us

  • Patrick Ssekatawa
    3 years ago

    No I don’t think it is a good idea at all! First, it would be total disrespect to Theo to only be given a solitary year, instead of the five,a player of his age should sign under normal circumstances. The 52 goals and 43 assists in 237 games are evidence enough that he has a lot more to offer to Arsenal despite some labeling him inconsistent.

    Walcott is an Englishman, and this must not be taken for granted as far as transfer fees are concerned. This means that if Arsenal were really serious of letting him go, they should not do so at this time when his suitors would only pay peanuts to have his services. It would be fantastic business if they offered him the money he desires and get him to sign a new five-year contract and then sell him in the summer with enough contractual value to command in the region of 20-30m, which I’m sure his suitors including teams like Man City would be more than happy to pay

    Doing what Graham has suggested would be silly, and, if I were Walcott, I would reject it outright, see out the remainder of my contract and walk away for nothing! Period!

  • Mm
    3 years ago

    There is nothing 2 do abt Thoe’ case anymore.
    Rmember D Nasir, VPs of dre time wt d Gunners they all left 4 d Pay. Dey never love d Club.
    Wenger should just sell him off.

  • iivorstephens
    3 years ago

    it shouldn’t be seen as a sign of disrespect at all by Theo or his advisors.He is young enough to become more important than he is now or has been in the past.The fact is that he wouldnt be a regular with any of the other top sides either so any move would be purely financial

  • JustJoy
    3 years ago

    I know he is leaving and their is no point argueing. A player with love for his club that he wants to play for would have signed. Do you know Falcao’s wage? Jack said he dnt need any agent or adviser cos he is going no where..

  • MartyP
    3 years ago

    I respect George but he is wrong. Wy the hell would Poldolski get 90 and they offer Theo 75? That is hogwash. he has developed every year and to say he is ot a squad palyer is more like petulance on the part of the manager and Gadzooks. They benched him and he is still on more goals then any of them, and has averaged ten goals and ten assists the last two years. He has gotten better every yeaer and is now approaching the type of maturity where is is composed in front of the net. This club keeps chasing Gervinho’s and losing RVP’s and that does not make sense. They could have a solid English core if Chamberlain develops, as in my mind he has regressed this year. So not paying Theo makes no sense at all, and he will get a 100 somewhere else.

  • Thomas Musvovi
    3 years ago

    Theo is a long serving player so he deserves that amount money. Why some of the fans are complaining about the perfomance of Theo? Wenger is paid handsomly but its now almost 8yrs without a trophy but noone is complaining about it becos is a coach. Remember Theo is a senior and local player so is comparing his life with other senior British player in other Clubs. Why did they wanted to give Perssy such amount of money? So they must also considering Theo. Gladis shape up or ship out.

  • the king
    3 years ago

    yeah also ask ibrahimovic for a trail aswel…..we will never win anythingw ith this way of thinking…..they cant over theo 10-20k more ?
    why not just sell a play that dose not play at the club.

    his been at the club 6 years his won nothing
    and his become out best play, last year he started to show it and his deff been one of our best players this year…..we have the money but ofc the board want to keep it all.

    our owner dont care what happen at the club
    buys 80m house yet cant offord to pay 10k more to a player.


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