Arsenal draw Bayern – what are our chances? [have your say]

Date: 20th December 2012 at 12:56 pm
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So we’ve got in the next phase of the Champions League, the team many fans were hoping to avoid, according to the latest Gunnersphere poll.

I for one am just glad we didn’t get (again) and I think the two upcoming games with the German giants will provide us much entertainment.

It’s certainly not the best draw we could have hoped for and perhaps would’ve been the ideal team to face, but even they, in my opinion, would have proven a tough test.

True this, whichever team we drew would’ve been tricky for us. Not because of our poor form and inconsistency, but because all the teams who have reached the knockout stages are worthy of their place.

Yes Bayern are probably in the same category of that of Barca. They possess some superb players and are consistent performers in the Champions League, but as the saying goes – you have to beat the best to be the best – and I honestly think we are capable of slaying the formidable Bavarian giants over both legs, if the REAL Arsenal turn up.

What are your thoughts on Arsenal drawing Bayern Munich and the draw in general?

Give us your thoughts on the matter below

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34 thoughts on “Arsenal draw Bayern – what are our chances? [have your say]

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  • edward owen
    1 year ago

    Oh shit,we cud not beat bradford,what chance have we got with bayern?roll on next season.

  • Joe
    1 year ago

    Am also happy that we don’t get to play Barca (again) :)…..bayern are good, but i think we av a chance

  • ivorstephens
    1 year ago

    Bayern are a cracking team but they’re not Brazil 1970 plus, unlike with Barca,we shouldn’t have an inferiority complex

  • despy
    1 year ago

    All arsenal fans let believ we can do it,we dat did it against Ac milan.let beg wenga 2 sign defensiv midfider nd a goal manchin

  • BavarianPrince
    1 year ago

    The only way Arsenal can win is if Wenger can persuade Man City to buy Ribery, Gomez, Robben, Kroos, Lahm, Mueller, Alaba, Neuer & Schweinsteiger in January…

    As for you guys strengthening your own team, most of the high quality players you want will be cup-tied, meaning you cant play them against The Black Beast…

    Why Arsenal cannot relish escaping Barcelona with their Bayern Munich UEFA Champions League draw :: Live Soccer TV


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