Why risk it for a biscuit Wenger?

Date: 21st November 2012 at 4:25 pm
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Sometimes, bamboozles me. I know this may some strange to say, but he really does.

We all know Wenger wants to stay at the club, and it very much seems that the England international wants to continue his working relationship with the Frenchman. However, an agreement over a new deal for the 23-year-old has not yet been reached, leaving the winger’s future at The Emirates in serious doubt, with a number of clubs supposedly interested in his services.

You would think with only eight months left to run on his existing contract and no signs of progression, in terms of a new deal, Wenger would seriously consider selling Walcott in January rather than lose him on a free next summer.

But Arsene has recently stated he will NOT sell Theo in January, even if the Englishman HASN’T penned a new deal by Christmas. To me, this sounds crazy, for obvious reasons. I mean, why risk losing a player, whom ever it maybe, for nothing? It doesn’t make sense to me, and I’m sure a lot of you will concur with me on this.

After that demolition of 5PUR2 on Saturday afternoon, Wenger was asked whether Walcott would be sold in January if things stayed the same. He replied:


The Frenchman then added:

‘Will he stay until the end of the season? Yes.’

‘We continue (talks) in a positive way. We have until the end of December to sort this out.’

If Walcott’s not going to sign by Christmas then he needs to be sold and a replacement needs to brought in – period. There is no need or reason for Wenger to be taking gambles like this.

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5 thoughts on “Why risk it for a biscuit Wenger?

  • Neal
    3 years ago

    If Walcott makes the difference between 4th and 5th then his contribution will be worth far more than the £5m we might get for him in January. He’s not worth selling because he’s making the contribution.

  • Thomas Musvovi
    3 years ago

    Wenger must not keep Theo if he denies to sign a new contract but he must sell and replace him with another quality winger like David Villa and he must buy a top striker like Cavan of Napoli and the a quality midfielder like Hotby of Shalk or wanyama of Celtic and finally defender.

    • Silenstan
      3 years ago

      Silva not for sale, nor cavani, the others not till summer, maybe not then. You cant just hrow names about.

  • martin wengrow
    3 years ago

    Surely you must realise that AFC have know say in this matter. Everything is with Walcott and his advisers, and don’t they just know it. Theo has almost certainly told the club that he will run his contract down, and THEN make his decision. So it’s probably goodbye Theo and thanks for nothing.

  • Michael Staley
    3 years ago

    I’m pleased that Arsenal are taking this risk. Whether Walcott stays or beyond the end of the season or not, he clearly has a contribution to make this season. Arsenal have calculated that the risk is worth taking, and I agree that Walcott’s contribution to the season could be worth more that the £5 million or so that the club would likely get for him in January.


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