Why not just recall this man back from Italy, Wenger?

Date: 10th November 2012 at 1:45 pm
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A lot has been said about needing another striker to come in this January, despite signing and , and, by the looks of it, those calling for to sign an additional front-man may be right.

But do we really need to sign another forward in the winter, or does the answer lie within the squad? No, I’m not talking about , even though this is a probable solution. I was actually referring to a man who was sent out on loan to Italy in the summer – .

Now some of you sitting down reading this may think I’m completely bonkers for even suggesting the 24-year-old as a possible answer to our impotent problems up-front. But could he really do any worse than those currently employed at the club?

Listen, I’m not his biggest fan – his egotism drives me up the wall and he isn’t what he claims to be. However, considering he hasn’t really played as the main man for Arsenal, playing the majority of the time on the left wing, who’s to say he couldn’t do a job for us as the lone man up-front?

In September past, Arsene Wenger revealed the Dane still has a future at Arsenal, despite being loaned out in the past two seasons, and perhaps the Frenchman may consider recalling the Denmark international to solve, if not, bolster his attacking options.

Personally, unless Theo Walcott is moved into this position, then I would like to see a lethal striker come. But there are very few out there that match this description and are available at the price we are prepared to pay.

But if worse comes to worse, we always have the Bendtner option, providing we can actually recall him from his loan spell of course!

Is recalling Bendtner back from Italy an option for Wenger?

Let us know your thoughts on the matter below

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5 thoughts on “Why not just recall this man back from Italy, Wenger?

  • TrimiAFC
    2 years ago

    Hey Goon, nice article. However, I personally don’t think it’s a viable option to return Bendtner to the Arsenal. Reason being is he doesn’t seem to have any loyal affection for the club. In my opinion he is a drifter and one that doesn’t particularly appreciate or like Arsenal FC for that matter. I don’t think Wenger is too keen on him either so for that reason, to me anyway, bringing him back doesn’t really seem like a path to go down.

    Sell him and other under achieving players and use that capital to buy some world class talent.

  • daljit
    2 years ago

    is it april the first all ready arsenal need to move forward not back give theo the chance to play upfront or sell giroud, chamakaaa,bendtner and buy one very very big allreadt made striker no more buy duddddddddd and hope he turns out good no more hoping

  • Mannix
    2 years ago

    I don’t think bringing back bentner will solve our problem, our problem lies on Wenger’s ability to instill pressure in the team to perform, encourage seriousness on the pitch & solve Walcott contract issues as soon as possible. When u look RvP play as man utd player n RvP who played for Arsenal last season shows a big difference. The Man Utd player is now more vibrant n lethal than our own captain a season ago if you have noticed. This is to show how seriousness of the two clubs technical bench. For utd performance is everything in the team as for Arsenal nothing is more serious than how much we can fetch from u in terms of transfer market. Arsenal can’t sell a player like Djourou, Arshavin, Chamack n Diaby but ultimately they can sell a big performers like Walcott, Nasri, RvP n Cesc. Is that what make a team a winning side or reverse our process to the future we’re used to be told by Arsenal management board n technical advisors?

  • Mannix
    2 years ago

    Bentner is not the solution to our striking force, in fact, this team is perfect without any reasonable doubt. My doubt goes to Wenger ability to transform this team to a winning side despite all odds. I don’t see Arteta I saw last season in this team, I don’t see Carzola I saw last month in this, what about Podolsky whom we knew as a lethal striker a few yrs ago. look at Kocielny of last season n Kocielny we saw today are two different player. I don’t talk abt consistency, I talk abt morale n team spirit which make the weakest Manchester Utd team still a winning side. I talk abt the fighting spirit we witnessed in Arsenal when Tony Adam & P.Viera was our team captain. The success of Wenger was contributed by David Dein n Patrick Viera eagerness to lead the boring boring Arsenal to one of the most entertainment team in europe n lethal which led to the dubbed invincible team. For Wenger to prove me wrong please assemble another team to emulate the Viera’s invincible team.

  • Jason
    2 years ago

    Oh you stupid cunt


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