Why another left-back is desperately needed at Arsenal

Date: 6th November 2012 at 4:00 pm
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The workload of the modern day full-back has changed over the years – they are now required to bomb forward and defend throughout the 90 minutes, which obviously requires great fitness, as well as other key attributes. To put it in a better way, the modern day full-back needs to have the defensive characteristics of say Italy great , combined with the attacking potency of Brazilian legend . Unfortunately one of our full-backs has neither.

In my opinion, does not have all the qualities required to be a good Premier League full-back. His athleticism and fitness is way below par, and his ability to attack and track back is nonexistent at times. Offensively, he is alright, but he finds it hard to get back in his position and leaves chasms of space for opponents to exploit. His performance yesterday at Old Trafford backs my case.

Going forward he looked good, but the ease at which Antonio Valenica made his way past him shows he’s simply not up to it.

So why do we need to sign another left-back in January?

Well firstly to give a run for his money.

Secondly, Gibbs has had trouble with injuries; we need someone capable of covering him when the youngster is unavailable.

And finally, because Santos is not good enough to play for a big club like .

Do you agree with me?

Do Arsenal need to sign a proper left-back in January?

Let us know your thoughts on the matter below

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7 thoughts on “Why another left-back is desperately needed at Arsenal

  • Jason C
    3 years ago

    Get someone who is capable to defend well. That is the priority for a full back at least. What is the use of a defender who can’t defend well?

    Kieran Gibbs has been doing well on the left flanks no matter in defense or in offense. Just like you said, he is not a player who can play up to 40games a season and there is no good backup for his position.

    Luke Shaw, M’Bengue all being linked to us and I certainly hope any of them would join to be a contender to start games…

  • john tymon
    3 years ago

    We do not need another left back. Not because I think Santos is good enough but because I believe we have the players to cover. I would certainly like to see Jenkinson get another go there. He could be a sort of Robert Perez in a few years and his defending is much better, he has the ability to cut in and take a shot. He can also cover at CB so he should be getting games to keep him match fit. Also TV5 can cover with LK at CB, or these two can reverse these roles and all remain match fit. That makes place for an aspiring youngster to come in and not be rushed into action.

  • gory
    3 years ago

    Kieran Gibbs is a good lef-back i support dat bt we really need to buy a quality sub for him in other for him to stay focus eg sagna- Jenkison. Pls Le Proff shluld act fast now. & also Ramsey is not qualify to b an arsenal player

  • fran
    3 years ago

    tv5 should have played lb and konsielny cb.santos cannot defend at this level.

  • Zambara.
    3 years ago

    Lets b patient wid santos coz he need 2 b confident, its nt first tym that we gt blunders wid our back defenders n let asstnt coach deal wid them n 2 presurelìze them.

  • Owens
    3 years ago

    Santos is just sh*t at the left back, we need a left back but le prof won’t comform to dat believe..les we see our mighty club dat was dia b4 him fade away..we are no longer a big club but now an average club..wich main priority is to qualify for UCL and hope we reach the quarter final at-most.

    3 years ago

    We need Leighton Baines from Everton, 15 Mill would do it.. What a defender and he’s got a cracking left foot


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