The type of striker Arsenal crave

Date: 14th November 2012 at 4:20 pm
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I watched the Chelsea/Liverpool match the other day, and I must say I was very impressed with .

Yes, the Uruguayan’s a very controversial figure, but I must admit that he’s a top class striker.

His work-rate is nothing short of incredible; he’s very skilful and has great pace and stamina which enables him to latch on to through and loose balls. He doesn’t neglect his defensive duties either and always wants the ball. In fact, in a couple of incidents during the match at Stamford Bridge, the 25-year-old was tracking back and the next thing you knew he was up the other end having an attempt on goal.

If you haven’t guessed already, I am a big Suarez fan. He, in my opinion, is on the same level as and Sergio Aguero.

The latest player to be linked with a move to The Emirates is Edin Dzeko.

I feel the City striker’s not the kind of forward Arsenal need though, as the Bosnian is very similar to and . They are all target men who love to hold up play and win aerial battles. But we need someone who can get past defends and get on the end of the through ball. We need a striker with electric pace, and to me Dzeko does not fit the bill.

In my opinion, we should do all we can to land either or Luis Suarez – this is the type of striker we desperately need at the club.

Both are realistic targets as Defoe looks unsettled under Andre Villas Boas, while I truly believe Suarez will almost certainly be looking for a new club should Liverpool endure another dull season.

Let’s see what happens.

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8 thoughts on “The type of striker Arsenal crave

  • michael
    3 years ago

    Lolasorus rex Suarez to Arsenal pull the other one!

  • Suared
    3 years ago

    He love it at Liverpool you nube!!!

    If he ever leaves it will never be to another English side and Arsenal could’nt afford him anyway…lol

    you couldn’t keep hold of fabrigas, RVP and soon add walcott to the list…lol


    • Alex
      3 years ago

      What he loves finishing 8th in the leauge and playing Europa?? Ha ha ha
      Liverpool are history now, jus a another mid table club. Liverpool fans jus go on about how good they where (80’s).
      I know us arsenal fans can’t say much but at least we get champions leauge football every year!!
      As I said before Liverpool = mid table team!

  • Daddy
    3 years ago

    Doubt we’d be able to get Suarez with our cuntish board making profits every year. Would love him at our club though.

  • Joe
    3 years ago

    Suared, if rvp moved to ot, then tis posssible suarez can move to Arsenal. He’s top class and he wants to play in the champs league. We can offer him that at Arsenal.

  • jk
    3 years ago

    suarez is quality but liverpool need to hold onto him to keep them outta relegation zone

  • Lobsta
    3 years ago

    Can’t c it happening. Liverpool has stood by Suarez through so much over the past year I think he has a genuine love and sense of loyalty for the club.. But then again, Suarez is crazy

  • Allen anpes
    3 years ago

    Luis suarez is a diver and diving is cheating,and everybody wants to play a fair game,because if a team depends on cheating i dont think that kind of team can succeed,if one is fair things can workout look at the case of torres during the Chelsea & Man U match his diving has caused the team to loose the match if he have’nt cheated they would have probably drew the game.


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