Only when pigs fly will we see this happen

Date: 11th November 2012 at 4:00 pm
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Our recent results have been, quite simply, a joke, and now reports seem to be taking the Mickey by suggesting WILL break the bank with a £30 million bid to sign . Really?

According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal’s chief scout travelled to Italy last Thursday to watch the 25-year-old, where he netted all four goals in Napoli’s 4-2 win over Dnipro in the Europa League, and The Gunners were linked with a move for the striker in the past.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t believe for one second this will ensue, for two reasons:

1. Arsene Wenger and the board will never ever spend this amount of money on one single player, no matter how talented he is.

2. Why in the hell would Cavani want to join a struggling Arsenal side? Especially if other top European clubs are tracking the Uruguayan.

Undoubtedly, we are in need of top class striker. No matter what you may think, we simply haven’t replaced . has done well and I like the fella, but I don’t think we can rely on him to net all the time for us.

I would love to see Cavani at Arsenal, but unless pigs grow wings and start flying, we won’t be seeing him at The Emirates anytime soon.

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14 thoughts on “Only when pigs fly will we see this happen

  • Ed
    3 years ago


    I have said this on more than one board, they don’t listen and they don’t care what we say, they piss down our backs and tell us it is raining. If we continue to be scammed by this board and don’t make our voices heard when will it ever change???

    I know it is often said that we should stop spending money to boost share values, well we really should.
    Boycott a game entirely, leave the stands empty, it is the only weapon we as fans have and we should use it!
    Forums, online posts, petitions and the footballing community laughing at us make no difference to this board.

    The resounding sound of silence in an empty stadium might make them take notice but I doubt it.

    The drop in share prices caused by the worldwide news coverage that such an event would receive would have them spitting up their champagne and reaching for the phone…

    Our joint responsibility is more than supporting Arsenal, in this situation we need to man up and step up to make something happen to save the club from mediocrity.

    Are you a real Arsenal fan prepared to do something for the club or are you just gonna continue bitching and procrastinating?

    If you can grow some balls then let’s choose a date and BOYCOTT!

    I doubt there will be enough consensus to make it happen but I would like to put a date forward; Sat 24th November.

    Let’s get together and make something happen.
    Go now and re-post this and that date for a boycott, let’s see if this has legs, let’s see if you are real Arsenal fans, let’s work together to make our voice deafening by our silence and save our club.

    • Remi Olatifede
      3 years ago

      Thank you for this piece; this has been my campaigne all the while! Let us hope we lose to Spurs, then more disciples will join….

    • Vito
      3 years ago

      Couldn’t agree more mate it’s about time we stopped this board taking the piss out of us.

      Hillwood said at the AGM “Thanks for getting involved in our business” well it’s our business! We are what make the club and its about time we took it back.

  • Khan
    3 years ago

    Absolutely …I don’t see this happening… Hey dude do have access to the AGM meeting … i looked around but couldn’t find it … Thanks .

  • LJB
    3 years ago

    Hmm,as predictable as christmas falling on the 25th dec,as soon as wenger is under pressure stories are planted in the papers about a top player we are going to sign.Highbury house has been busy this weekend!!It will never happen;we have seen it too many times to be fooled again.There will be the usual 3rd rater from france,or adrian lopez,who is garbage.I’d rather we got rid of the overpaid,non performing dross first,and i include the manager in this. m

    • The G
      3 years ago

      Have you seen Adrian Lopez play? He’s definitely not garbage, in fact he’s better suited to our style of play than any of our current wingers. Currently, he’s stuck in the same contractual situation as Walcott and his playing time has been reduced because of it. Adrian’s got great pace, aerial ability, ball control/dribbling and can link up well with team mates. I wouldn’t say his finishing is clinical yet but he’d certainly be able to grab 8-12 goals in the PL.

  • real g
    3 years ago

    if Steve Rowley went to watch Napoli vs Dnipro then i think there was more chance he was looking at Dnipro’s player – Konoplyanka, who Arsenal were linked with in the past…the ‘Ukrainian Messi’.
    …maybe the daily mail knew he was at the game and due to Cavani’s performance and Arsenal needing to score goals, they put 2 and 2 together and said £30m to arsenal! lol
    ..so yeah, very much doubt it will happen! still excited it could be Konoplyanka scouted tho as he looks like a quality player…Cavani will end up with the money boyz! chelski or citeh…why come to Arsenal? He is on alot at Napoli! so would have to reduce his wages to come to arsenal! lol! never gonna happen!! whoever gets him will pay £30m+, probably nearer to £40m! and then have to pay him £200k a week!!

  • WC
    3 years ago

    Does Wenger need a prolific striker? Yes. Will he spend 30M on one? No. If he did spend 30M, would it be Cavani? No, they already turned down much bigger offers. Will Arsene buy a striker in Jan? Possibly but he won’t spend more than 15M on them.

    Cavani is easily a 45M+ striker and he’s in no rush to leave Napoli so we can count this one out.

  • dboy
    3 years ago

    These players are ranked among the top ten in the world in their respective positions. I am sure there are a good number of players on this list we can sign to strengthen our team.

    Tim Howard – Everton
    Gianluigi Buffon – Juventus
    Maarten Stekelenburg – Ajax
    Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich
    Julio Cesar – Inter Milan

    Central defenders
    Dede, Vasco da Gama/Brazil
    Mats Hummels, Borussia Dortmund/German
    David Alaba (Bayern Munich)

    Defensive Midfielders
    Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany & Bayern Munich)
    Daniele De Rossi (Italy & Roma)
    Nigel de Jong (Holland & AC Milan)
    Esteban Cambiasso, Inter Milan/Argentina
    Javi Martinez, Athletic Bilbao/Spain
    Yann M’Vila, Rennes/France

    Right back
    Christian Maggio – Napoli
    Rafinha – Bayern Munich

    Left back
    Domenico Criscito – Zenit Saint Petersburg
    Yuto Nagatomo – Internazionale
    Filipe – Atlético Madrid
    Federico Balzaretti – Palermo

    Right wing
    Mauricio Isla, Juventus/Chile
    Jakub Blaszczykowski, Borussia Dortmund/Poland
    Christian Maggio, Napoli/Italy
    Jesus Navas, Sevilla/Spain

    Left wing
    Gaston Ramirez, Bologna/Uruguay
    Arda Turan, Atletico Madrid/Turkey

  • Danish Gooner
    3 years ago

    Cavani is not made for the Pl he is far to slow on the other hand Radamel Falcao is and he will join Chelsea in January……By the way,didnt you just all laugh when Roman A came out with his first surplus to finances,2 mil quid,lordy,lordy he only just forgot to tell us that he shifted 160 mil quid of debt to make Chelsea correspond with FFR and they reached the cl final and fa cup final and still they couldnt make a positive turn over,my God they will be in trouble if Platini have any balls.

    • The G
      3 years ago

      Have you seen Cavani? He’s definitely not slow, he’s probably faster than Falcao. He’s a talented player, think Suarez minus the diving and better aerial ability. Suarez is slightly better with the ball at his feet, but both can finish and create something out of nothing. Cavani is a world class talent and would do well in any league.

  • john
    3 years ago

    We had the premierships top scorer and we sold him to united and you think these idiots are going to spend 30 mill on one striker dream on

  • Kevin
    3 years ago

    Only a complete fool would believe this, Arsenal only sell top players we never buy them! And why would any world class player join us? We have nothing that would remotely appeal to them, 8th in the league and dropping, in a fairly weak grp in the ucl and playing poorly, performances this season are worse than at any time in the past 26 years.

    This type of story only ever comes out when there is growing discontent and it is so obviously a “contrived” rumour put out by some arsenal source probably Gazidis as it is typical of his nature and belief our fans are cattle tk be fed anything to keep us quiet!

    The idea of boycotting games worked before in the mid 60’s and it led to the change which was needed both change of manager and attitude of the board, but it did take 4 years rebuild ing, and trust me this side needs serious rebuilding and serious money being spent on it!

    Trouble is we are no longer run by a board they are just puppets for Kronke, and he will never invest money for players BUT… one thing must happen….. WENGER MUST GO! Ignore the stupid AKB’s who scare monger about fearing life without him…. In football if you fail to change you fail to move forward…..He has failed for 8 years, his judgement is suspect, his team selection poor, substitutions poor, his manner looks like a tired beaten man rather than inspirational and full of drive… WENGER is in a too comfortable place with a whole backroom full of yes men who if you look at our bench on matchdays all lack any balls, any passion, they just sit quietly while Wenger just waves his arms in now comedic fashion normally at the 4th official! Never does he get to the edge of the pitch to show disapproval or drive on thd players.. No he is long past the peak of 2004, and 8 years of being average is enough… HE MUST GO and as this is alrwady a lost season change now so that a new man has the rest of the season and summer to work for a new start next year!

  • ARun
    3 years ago

    Rowley was watching Konoplyanka, not Cavani.


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