Maybe Wenger has a point over the Theo case

Date: 2nd November 2012 at 2:00 pm
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Wow! What a game we had in the Capital One Cup in midweek – you know the one am on about.

Just like many fans, I had to pay homage to the best Arsenal comeback I have ever seen. This game just toppled the 3-0 comeback performed by ‘The Invincibles’ against Middlesbrough in the Premier League which ended 5-3.

Our star man on Tuesday night was arguably , even though other players put in surprising shifts such as , Thomas Elsfield, (who we all know is quality) and our long lost Moroccan Maroaune Chamakh.

Walcott had a night to remember, having started and ended our comeback, scoring late in both halves. Many fear we could lose him to Chelsea or Liverpool, who are both said to be interested in his services, with his contract running out in the summer.

The number 14 has claimed the issue with his contract renewal is due to the manager not assuring him a place in the striking department, rather than the winger he is currently deployed as. If that is the case, why isn’t giving him the green light? Especially with his goals and good performances as of late. It should be an easy decision to make after his latest showing at Reading, as he totally made his case and the fans happen to share the same view. Before I continue, I would like to confirm that I fall into the many who can see Walcott as a striker, and Wenger recently admitted so himself. So does that mean the contract will round up sooner rather than later? Only time will tell.

Wenger’s reluctance got me wondering why a man who has improved immensely with his finishing, positioning and touch is not assured playing in a role that he feels he would be best in? Like a hatter, it is hard to know what Le Boss has in mind.

But I found answers which quenched my curiosity and seem ‘Wenger like’. Wenger won’t promise a player playing time knowing such promises can’t be kept in order to avoid dealing with an unhappy player down the line, and here are some probable reasons behind it.

During the transfer windows, two strikers, in the form of and Giroud, were acquired, even though the former is being played out of his natural position.


2 thoughts on “Maybe Wenger has a point over the Theo case

  • Kunle
    3 years ago

    Walcot should try to be patience and to emulate messi style of game,playin from d right side of d pitch made messi a world winner.Walcot can always push forward to join giroud up front to disorganize any attack.it can also go dis way,wenger partnering walcot and giroud upfront,arteta and cazorla or wilshere or rosicky in d centre midfield,podoski and ox or gervinho on d wings.then ramsey,coq,frimpong, on d bench.if wenger to play 4-1-3-2 formation dis is my selection-mannone-sagna,mert,thomas,kosn,i will nt play santos due to his low pace in games,arteta(dmf),podoski,cazorla,ox(amf),giroud and walcot(attackers).if wenger is playin 4-2-3-1 formation-mannone-sagna,mert,thomas,santos(defence),arteta,kosn(amf,dmf),podoski,cazorla,walcot(wing,attacker).if wenger is playin 4-3-3 formation-mannone-sagna,mert,thomas,kosn(defence),arteta,cazorla,wilshere(midfield),podoski,giroud,walcot(attacker)

  • MartyP
    3 years ago

    The kid is 23, and over the last two years he has doubled in scoring and assists. No one his age in the leaegue has put up those type numbers, and he is called “inconsistent”? Speed kills opposing defenses and he is learning how and when to use his. His touch in front of goal has really improved, and to see him off at this age would be criminal. There are plenty at Arsenal overpaid, starting with Gazidis, and you can point fingers up and down the rooster. Letting Theo go now for cheap to Liverpool or Manchester United would haunt the Gunners and send a telling message to OxladeChamberlin, Eisfeld and the many good young prospects. The message “you are here to train and play to go on to a bigger club, a better payday in your short career”


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