How Arsenal players fared against Spurs at The Emirates – my ratings

Date: 17th November 2012 at 3:32 pm
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Here are my Arsenal player ratings from today’s superb victory over north London rivals 5pur2 (feel free to argue or agree with me):

– Wasn’t the Pole’s greatest performance, with complacency and over confidence creeping in, but dealt with what was thrown at him. Could have done better with both goals he conceded. 6/10

– The Frenchman did ok. Got caught out on a number of occasions and position was a little off today. Kept Gareth Bale quiet for the majority of the game. 7/10

– Poor positioning led to Spurs’ first goal, but after that the German got his head right. Scored Arsenal’s equalizer. 7.5/10

Laurent Koscielny – Was fairly solid throughout the game. Got stuck in and made some good interceptions. 7/10

– Done well in a position he is not naturally suited in. Contained Aaron Lennon well which led to Spurs focusing their attacks on the opposite flank. 7/10

– Passed the ball around well and covered a lot of ground for the team. Was overshadowed by the performances of Santi and Jack, which is not a bad thing. 7/10

– Ran the show in the first-half in my opinion. Always looked to get the ball forward, and his passing range was on point today. Great passion and desire from the England international. 8/10

– Easily our Man of the Match. Found space superbly, was very creative and influential in Arsenal’s attacking play. His passing range and dribbling ability is just unreal and great to watch. Scored Arsenal’s fourth. 9/10

– Probably the German forward’s best forward in an Arsenal shirt to date. Got forward well and showed great commitment by not neglecting his defensive duties. Bagged a goal, as well as an assist. 8/10

Theo Walcott – Was a constant threat to the Spurs back-line. Used his pace to great effect against Kyle Naughton, but his passing was way off. Bagged an assist and guaranteed Arsenal all three points by coolly slotting home The Gunners’ fifth goal. 8/10

– Never stopped running and finding space up front. Held the ball up well, allowing others to join him in attack, and had a few good efforts to get on the score-sheet before eventually netting his fourth Premier League goal of the season. 8.5/10


– Replaced the tiring Wilshere with 20 minutes to go, but never really got into the game. Held his position well enough but misplaced a few passes. 6/10

Andre Santos – Replaced Podolski on the 77st minute and seemed to be given the free role by Arsene Wenger. Only real highlight for the Brazilian was playing through Vermaelen on goal. 5/10

– Came on in the 85th minute for Giroud and got stuck in from the get go. Hassled Jan Verthongen straightaway and managed to set up a goal. Shame he didn’t get more time. 6.5/10

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9 thoughts on “How Arsenal players fared against Spurs at The Emirates – my ratings

  • Ramsey
    3 years ago

    Ramsey 3/10 – lost posession, killed attacks, failed crosses horrible passing and all in 20 minutes

    • Twig
      3 years ago

      Rightly said.

  • sam
    3 years ago

    Ramsey is pure shite, no other way to say it. What can he actually do?? How he always gets a game is beyond me. Enough krap about his injury, that excuse is overused now. When he came on I actually thought Spurs could draw the game – he brings out absolutely no confidence in me, I’m always in fear when I see him coming on. Tomas Eisfeld is so much better, but it seems Ramsey has something on Wenger. U can’t tell me Wenger doesn’t see how horrible he is??
    Otherwise great result

  • steve
    3 years ago

    Ramsey is a joke!

  • nick in portugal
    3 years ago

    We win 5-2 so you guys take the trouble to attack Ramsey again, really great supporters (NOT).

  • chionye
    3 years ago

    Nice game today 4rm arsenal , passing was accurate , possession superb, nice use of d flanks .this is d arsenal I know , oliver giroud my man of d match and ramsey the worst player afta coming on.

  • Phil23
    3 years ago

    You guys are bandwagon dooshbags. Ramsey was fine. He actually put in at least one SUPERB through ball. Are you 5pur2 in disguise?

  • Joblow
    3 years ago

    So exactly what did Santos do to deserve 5/10. from what you have said and what i saw he did not out a foot wrong, kept possession with smart passes and made a brilliant through pass. Sometimes you ‘gays’ need to rate a player on the game and not on pass emotions.

  • Peter Atk
    3 years ago

    Don’t know how you’ve scored Ramsey so high. I’ve been patient with him but its running thin now. Giroud cazorla and walcott were excellent. Podolski was majorly improved. Kosceily was definately our best defender today.


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