Gone are the days

Date: 15th November 2012 at 4:50 pm
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Where is our beloved Arsenal heading?

This is no doubt the main question that has been ringing in all true Gooners’ ears for quite sometime now and with our recent performances, it surely a question that needs an answer.

Gone are the days when a mere mention of the name ‘Arsenal’ sent shivers down the spine of The Gunners’ foes.

Gone are the days when a line up that included (the IGWE himself, as he is fondly known in Nigeria), , , , , , , etc would easily cut through any defence like a hot knife through butter and a defence that could absorb attacks and remained solid.

Gone are the days when would bring on a substitute and the game would change to our favour.

I know the past can’t win us trophies, but back in the day it felt good to be an Arsenal fan. Not anymore though.

Hopefully we will turn the tide very soon and get back to where we were and truly belong.

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7 thoughts on “Gone are the days

  • Oja
    3 years ago

    Gone are the days indeed.

  • Samson Okpe
    3 years ago

    Nowadays the club is under the clutches of a click comprising of kroenke,wenger,gazidis and hill-wood who are determine 2 turn the club 2 an average and middle table team bcos of their unique love for mobey.

  • hottspring
    3 years ago

    thanks to gazidis, hill wood and silent Stan who through their unholy Trinity are after profits even if we are relegated. to them trophies is the last priority.

  • Change
    3 years ago

    Most London gooners are toothless dog, who can’t say it the way it is.

  • John
    3 years ago

    I kind of agree, but let’s be serious here…its not like arsenal never lost games when these players were playing. The majority of the time we did nothing in the champions league when we were in it.
    Plus back then, we threw away countless games from winning positions…like people idolise vieira for his spat in the tunnel with Roy keane, but united still went out and won the game!!
    The reality was back then, there were 2 very good teams in the league in arsenal & man united & everyone else were pretty average…now with the money that has being pumped into the game u have smaller clubs like Chelsea / man city / spurs all throwing money around!!
    I’m pretty sure back then, wenger had some serious game changers on the bench too like Cygan & Grimandi & Nelson Vivas!!

  • Archimedes
    3 years ago

    Heading to Kroenkeland. The record of his US franchise suggest that 4th is just about the best it gets.

  • MartyP
    3 years ago

    This weeks issue of Sports Illustrated tells you what Kroenke is about, and it is not putting money into a club,but making money. Leading national sport magazine in the USA. The Gunners are not going to budge on wages and willl continue to be a selling club. Kroenke brags how his coaches are the best paid..Fisher for the Rams, and Karl for the Nuggets(NBA) only the Nuggests make the playoffs and they are gone in one round.


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