Don’t we have a right to voice our frustrations Wenger?

Date: 27th November 2012 at 3:15 pm
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A lacklustre draw with lowly Aston Villa last Saturday has left Arsenal in sixth place in the Premier League, 10 points behind leaders Manchester United.

To be fair, the game was controlled largely by Villa. They closed down our players quickly and kept us in our own half at times, passing from left to right. Even when we did manage to go forward we didn’t really pose a threat. Other than that one chance that fell to in the six-yard box, we found it hard to create goal-scoring opportunities throughout the 90 minutes.

The performance had the Arsenal boo-boys up on their feet once again, voicing their anger at .

That outburst made Wenger react angrily to questioning from several fans and journalists about his substitutions once again.

The Frenchman was subject to chants of ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ from travelling support after replacing in-form striker with defensive midfielder with two minutes left to play.

When a journalist asked him to explain the reasons for the substitution, Wenger responded passionately:

‘What is the thinking behind the substitution?

‘I will not explain every decision I make.

‘I have managed for 30 years at the top level and I have to convince you [journalists] I can manage the team?’

When asked about the supporters’ chants, he responded sarcastically saying:

‘I don’t want to comment on that. I do my job and do my best for the club. Why should I create a rift? I have given you the answer.

‘I leave it to you to judge. I try to be as good as I can be. You are all great managers!

‘I read the newspapers every day and I can tell you that you are always great managers!

‘You judge the game for the papers and I sit here and explain to you our game. How many games have you managed?

‘I promise you if you manage one I will sit in the stands and chant: ‘you know what you are doing!’

‘You can discuss every substitution. You think what you want. I do my job and I let people judge it.

‘I do that every day and I do my best every day. I know why I do it.’

But do we have a right to express our feelings of frustration towards Wenger and how things are going? Yes. It’s as simple as that.

When you support your team passionately and they don’t perform, as required, it’s natural to feel disappointed and angry.

My worry here is that Wenger is constantly hiding behind the fact he has managed for 30 years plus. So what if he has?

His choices on the night showed why he has come under such pressure from the fans during that period. He should really be sorting it out and fixing things as he’s clearly very experienced in doing so.

To be honest, I believe Wenger is slowly losing it tactically. Giroud’s removal may have been due to the knock he picked up late on, but he seemed fine to me, so I saw no need for him to come off.

Another point I could pick out is why Wenger always substitutes . At first we could say he is not match fit, unused to the Premier League etc. But 13 games into the season there is no excuse for the German to come off all the time. He does seem to get tired, but at least he makes an effort to keep working up front, and taking off arguably one of your best strikers when you need a goal is down-right suicidal.

Theo Walcott’s current contract dilemma, I’d say, is also down to Wenger. If he truly wants Theo to stay he’d make it happen.

And finally. . Why does he play so much? He isn’t getting any better. Give his role to Coquelin until returns from injury – whenever that is. Or let play, week in, week out. Wenger didn’t seem to hesitate when throwing back into the starting XI when he recovered two seasons ago. So why not Wilshere? He is miles better than Ramsey and can rotate with Coquelin should he show signs of rustiness.

What I’m getting at here is fans have a right to voice their concerns about their club. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. When something is wrong let the respective parties know. Keep quiet and they could think all is well when its not.

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28 thoughts on “Don’t we have a right to voice our frustrations Wenger?

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  • ken lo
    3 years ago

    We all have a right to protest, but when you insult one of the greatest managers ever, what do you expect him to do?
    Please take on board what Arteta has said today and leave it to the professionals!!!!

  • Dave
    3 years ago

    Trouble with this type of “support” is that its not, is it? Be realistic and you’ll find it much easier! We’re playing for 4th spot, and we’re in all the cups at this stage. Rejoice! AFC is a well run club which in future will compete again for the best trophies! Short termism makes you complainers sound like Spurs fans…believing your team is capable beyond its means. Free speech is NOT the issue! Everyone should have the right to that. I have been going to AFC since the 70’s, and I’ve never known Arsenal fans be this fickle! And remember that players were a little more loyal back then. That does not exist any more. Get real, and start being a “supporter”!!!

  • Taaza
    3 years ago

    where Wenger decides to play Walcott will have a large baring on whether or not Theo chooses to sign…. Theo wants to play through the middle on a regular basis. If wenger says he won’t walcott leaves.

    and we may still be in every competition, but with some of the peformances that the team have been putting on show that could all end in an instant.

    And we can’t honestly use Liverpool as an example. The probelms we face now are ours and gauging ourselves with a team that have seen better days doesn’t make us any better…

    • TT
      3 years ago

      On the contrary, the strategy employed by Arsenal is such that it can’t “All change in an instant”.

      We don’t have huge unmanageable debts, a sugar daddy that might get bored, or an over-reliance on players that will leave if we can’t afford their 200K/week wages.

      Our manager has laid a foundation that Liverpool might have laid, but they instead spent their money on short-term success.

      Now they have slipped out of “Big Club” status and looking at their finances, they might never find their way back up. So they are a perfect example to use.

      • Stuart
        3 years ago

        I think it’s more the board that have laid the foundation, Wenger has been able to provide them a profit whilst implementing their structure.

  • keys
    3 years ago

    The man has lost it. And most of u still see him as the best. He is worse than Squilaci.

    • Michael Staley
      3 years ago

      What a truly idiotic remark. Squillaci is a football player, not a manager.

  • Mario
    3 years ago

    The current decline of Arsenal from once title contenders and now struggling for even 6th place speaks for itself and the manager and his decision making carries the can.Wenger is arrogant and blinkered.Every player is played out of position and he is the only one who beleives that Ramsey is good enough for Arsenal,and offcourse he he still waiting for his crocked favourites like Diaby and Rosicky.What excuses will he have if Arsenal fail to collect maximum points in the next three games when in the past it was a forgone conclusion.Such is the decline of Arsenal and its down to the manager and fans have every right to feel aggrieved.

    • me
      3 years ago

      u make me laff wit ur comment….. U say hez arrogant… Do u wnt him to statr begging u b4 he makes decisions or he shld go dwn on his knees nd beg if he looses a match or if he wnts to make a sub? It is so simple man….. SUPPORT THE CLUB OR GET THE HELL OUT!!!

  • samuel
    3 years ago

    I think wenger have lost it,for a manager believe than been 4th best in a league is better than winning trophies.and for those of you that will still dey in all competitions we see how we are going to crash out in all the competitions in couple of days by next year.

  • Paiboon
    3 years ago

    I’m support Arsenal Football Club. And I support Arsene and the way he move the club. That’s all.

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